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Trees Care Tips Throughout Katy Summer Months

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

While winter is the best time for heavily trimming your trees due to Katy’s dog days of summer there are some exceptions to caring for your trees during May through August. Regardless of the time of year if you notice or suspect you have tree branches that are decayed, diseased, or damaged these branches need to be removed so do not hesitate to remove them regardless of the time of year, you are not going to damage the tree. In fact, there are some trees that need to be trimmed during the summer months such as flower and fruit trees. Early blooming trees cannot be trimmed during the wintertime, instead trees such as Magnolia and Black Chokecherry trees are best to prune after they have finished blooming. One of the benefits of pruning these trees is this will curve the development of the branches however this requires the help of a Katy tree service company who knows just how much foliage to remove so that you do not reduce the nutrients your tree receives which can damages the growth of your tree. Other trees that should be carefully pruned during the summer months include fruit trees. Pear and plum trees work wonderfully in our subtropical region however if you want to produce the tastiest fruit and more than enough to eat, can, and make pies for all your friends then you want to keep your trees healthier and happier by pruning them on a regular basis. Also, if you happen to be trying to yield apricots or apples, which can grow here but often fail then trimming these trees are an absolute must.

Why Trim Trees Before Katy Storm Season

Other reason you want to keep your trees trimmed in summer is Katy can be hit with some rather large storms that kick up the wind speed and if you have low hanging branches these can cause damages as large limbs fall on your roof or driveways, they may leave you needing roof repairs or with impact damages to your car. While smaller trees may not require the assistance of a tree professional if you are dealing with an older or more mature tree or do not have the skillset of how to trim trees properly during the summer months its best to rely on a Katy tree service that can get you taken care of and keep your tree healthy and safe safely.

Another benefit to pruning your trees is pest control. While not all insects will harm a trees health there are mites and aphid damages that can decrease your trees lifespan and if they are a free tree, they can harm the future of your healthy fruits. Summertime pruning except in the cases of storm damages or injured trees is to shape and create a firm foundation for your tree to thrive however with the many rainy days we insure its best to be careful taking off too much foliage as this can cause unnecessary stress which is why you want to rely upon the assistance of a trained and certified tree service specialist in Katy who can properly cut the tree to minimize the harm done. However, if your someone who enjoys working in the yard regardless of the heat and humidity then let our local Katy tree service company provide you with a few tips.

Proper Way to Trim a Tree Limb

The best way to thin out the trees crown or shape branches if they are small enough is to use a small hand saw however bear in mind that anytime you make cuts to a tree this is going to encourage new growth and you want to trim away from the direction of that growth by cutting the limbs no more than a firth inch above the bud that is on the outer edge of your trees. We also suggest making these cuts at a 45 degrees angle so that water damages do not occur. Next you want to pick an area of the tree limb that is furthers away from the first cut and then safely cut down until the branch breaks away from the tree. Most trees such as the Nuttall Oak, a rather large and native tree to Katy is going to require three distinct cuts on the branch. The first and second cut will remove the weight off the branches and the final cut it to ensure the tree thrives and reaches its greatest growth.

Best Tree Pruning Technique

Tree Service is more intensive than most Katy homeowners think because this is a living thing that improves the value of your property, produces shade, fruit, and makes a house into a home. Keep in mind when its time to prune your trees that the goal is to make the tree light so that air can be circulated and so the tree is not so heavy, think of trimming like receiving a hair trim to remove dead ends. The brown at the top where the foliage lives must stay in tip-top shape if the rest f the tree is going to remain strong and healthy. The best way to prune a tree is what is called crown reduction by reducing the crown it increases its ability to receive sunlight ad takes the stress off the limbs that can be impacted by high winds and gravity that tries to pull it down. What crown thinning is not is changing the shape of the tree so with that in mind you never want to remove more than 15% of the branches from the top also known as the canopy of the tree. A large mature tree such as redbuds benefit from having the ends snipped off by 1 to 4 inches so that the tree looks unscathed. If all of this tree talk seems more like a chore you are uncertain to take on it maybe best to call your local Katy tree service who can get you taken care of

Katy Best Local Tree Service

While there are plenty of companies you can choose from for tree service in Katy or in Spring its best to rely on a local company that understands our area better than a nationwide tree service provider who is often to busy to slow down and give you and your landscape the TLC it services. Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements has over a decade of experience and knows how to prune your trees so there healthy and thriving. In fact, we offer a 200% guarantee on our tree services in Spring, Katy, and through the greater Houston area. Give us a call today for a hassle free- no cist quote and our tree service located in Katy will come out to asses the situation and give you a fait and honest price that you can agree to. 281-545-7740

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