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Tips To Hire The Right Katy Fence Company

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While many do it yourself homeowners repair their own fence, what happens if your fence needs to be replaced or you need a new fence installed? Sometimes due to lack of time, knowledge, or tools you may find yourself needing to hire a Katy fence company to give you a hand. Since our industry is largely unregulated unlike other state there are plenty of Katy fence companies to choose from to repair, replace or install your fence, so how do you know which team to hire? A team that will show up, work hard, and provide you a beautiful and functional fence worthy of your investment? This can be a little tricky to navigate so Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements is providing you a checklist that will make sure you find a Katy fence company that has a solid reputation, will build your fence on time and on budget, and without cutting corners, so before you start calling around take a moment to let this helpful blog be your guide.

1. How Many Years of Experience Do They Have?

When your calling around to get a quote make sure to ask a few probing questions to learn a little about their track record. How many years have they been in business? What type of fences do they have experience installing? What is their rating with the Better Business Bureau? Do they have references and reviews online you can check and call to verify? While most people do not think installing a fence is difficult there are far more intricacies than most people realize so keen attention to detail is a must for any Katy fence company worthy of your investment.

When you have plenty of Katy fence companies to choose from making sure to choose a contractor with years of experience will ensure that your fence installation runs smoothly to save you money on fence repairs in the future. Chances are the more years of experience and the more variety of materials you have to choose from the chances are you will have a higher success rate and a higher quality project.

2. Verify The Expectations and Time Line Of Your Project

One of the disadvantages of living within our area is storms, if you’re a homeowner whose fence came down due to a tropical storm, chances are you are not the only one. However, if you’re a homeowner with small kids or outside pets you may need to weed down your selection by asking the Katy fence companies you are calling what their schedule looks like? Can they get to you in a week or will it be a month? You want to clear of what to expect so your not waiting for weeks and never pay for the entire fence upfront! While most Kat fence companies require a deposit anyone who requires 100% is a crew you want to steer clear of. Its also a good idea to have them break down the cost, what is the cost of the lumber and what's the cost of the labor? Believe it or not all lumber is not the same so make sure your comparing apples to apples. Bottom line the clearer the communication is on what you can expect and a timeline for when you can expect the fence to be repaired, replaced, or installed it will ensure that your fence project is done on your terms, on time, and for the amount you agreed to pay because no one wants to get sticker shocked when the final bill comes due.

3. Ask About Their Warranty

While budget is important, nothing should trump quality. If the Katy fence company does not stand behind their own work, should you? In our area most people choose either cedar or pressure treated lumber for their fences because is what their homeowners association requires but in our climate wood does not fair well especially if you hire a run of the mill company who just slaps two boards together or doesn’t dig or add the right mixture to the post holes. Most Katy fence companies offer a standard one year warranty on the lumber and materials used, this may sound great but most fences do not show any issues at this point so the longer they warranty your fence the less chance of headaches and hassles you have to worry with.

4. Quality Product

One of the biggest tell tale signs of a run of the mill vs a quality Katy fence company is the products or materials they use, If they use cutting edge products with proven resilience the more likely they are to care about how the fence will hold up in the future. Do they use galvanized screws? Pressure treated fence post? Do they mix the concrete or just toss the bag into the hole so the concrete is in chunks leaving your post unsecure and do they use at least one bag per every post hole? Do they have a top, middle, and bottom brace? This is the way a quality fence should be designed and installed, if they don’t then look for a Katy fence company that offers all these industry standards.

Should You Look Beyond Katy Fence Companies?

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One of the biggest issues many homeowners make is they have been told to extend their search to include local handymen, lawn care guys, and construction crews to install a fence but their was an old saying my Dad used “ A jack of all trades is a master of none” many in the older generation understand precisely what his means and while it was meant to have a negative condensation, it also has a positive side. If you weed out all those jack of all trades you will find a true Katy fence master who has the skillset you should expect when having a new fence built. Someone who builds and repairs fences on a daily basis is going to be able to do a far superior job then someone who just builds one a few times a year. When we started off we were precisely this way but as we grew we realized that our customers deserved to have us be extremity productive in our work and executes their job as flawless as possible, so when your doing your research make sure that you hire a true Katy fence company who

Thirteen Questions To Ask Katy Fence Companies

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1. How much is the deposit? I reiterate never pay 100% before the job is complete.

2. How quickly can you get my fence repaired or installed?

3. What happens to my existing fence? You don’t want them leaving it behind!

4. Who contacts 811? Do they handle all of this and mark the yard or expect you to? Make sure before any digging the utility lines are clearly marked.

5. Do I need a permit? Unless your located in a flood zone, do not pay for a permit as a permit is not required.

6. If you live in a sloped yard, ask how they deal with the slope, this can be an issue if you have outside pets.

7. Make sure to discuss the details of when installing a fence such as how deep will the post holes be? How much concrete do they add (do they even add concrete r is it soli and sand)?

8. What type of cedar do they use and what’s they style and width if the pickets?

9. Do they offer multiple style of fences such as privacy, round rail or split rail, shadow, and picket fences? T-post fences?

10. Does this include a gate, how wide will the gate be and what type of hardware do they use for your gate?

11. What is the size of their crew, or do they use subcontractors?

12. Will the owner or foreman of the Katy fence company be on site?

13. Do they provide a contract with the warranty in writing?

Tip: Remember if you’re having a fence installed to ask for a few refences of other recent projects they have done as well as older fences, so you know their holding up well in our weather.

Looking To Hire A Katy Fence Company?

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If you are searching for a local fence company that goes above and beyond for their customers, takes pride in their work, and offer superior service and craftsmanship look no further than Emerson Exterior Home Enhancement. Our Katy fence company has 20 years of experience. Provides free estimates, and a variety of materials to choose from including wood, ranch style, T-Post, chain link, composite, wrought iron, and aluminum fences. We serve customers across the greater Houston area including Cypress, Missouri City, Sugar Land, Houston, Richmond, and Waller County. Contact us for your free estimate at 281-545-7740 or visit us online.

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