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The History of Missouri City Texas

Updated: Jan 28, 2023


When people think of Missouri City, they think about a midwestern state not a town that sits just on the outskirts of Houston Texas in Fort Bend County but with all there is to see and love about Missouri City were going to share about one of our favorite little towns in Texas. Let’s start with where it got its name. In the 1800s a couple of land developers decide to invest in this small stretch of land just 26 miles from what is now downtown Houston. The investment to buy the land now known as Missouri City came by way of an advertising campaign that the land developers sent to Saint Louis Missouri. To sound like a land worthy of a St Louis investment they package the deal by naming it none other than Missouri City and in 1894 just four years after their advertising campaign was launched it was registered as a Texas town. Today Missouri City has flourished with over 70,000 residents and is known as none other than the “Show me city”

What made Missouri City Texas grow?

As roads and travel became easier to the big city of Houston it appealed to people who needed to live close to work yet wanted a small town to feel and thankfully as it grew brining in businesses it never lost its quaint bedroom appeal. Today while some of the best breweries and golf course in our area call Missouri City home it also is one of the few places you can ride horses through wooded trails or spend a lazy weekend fishing at Buffalo Run Park. If you want more fun and excitement, then simply hop onto the freeway and you can get almost anywhere in Houston except during rush hour traffic.

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