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Sugar Land Fence Repairs Vs Fence Fence Replacement

How to Know if Your Sugar Land Fence Needs to Be repaired or Replaced

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Wooden Fence Installation in Katy

Many homeowners are not sure if their wooden fence can be saved with fence repairs or if they need to replace their fence so today, we are going to share five signs to help you know when it’s time to replace your wooden fence to keep your Sugar Land property value up and your neighbors happy for as they say “good fences makes great neighbors”

Signs Your Sugar Land Wooden Fence Needs To Be Replaced

Rotted Wood

The greater Houston area including Sugar Land is known for its humid and hot summer dry season and its rain. In Sugar Land its rains receive on average 49.8 inches of rain and with all this weathering wooden fence can rot. Since you can not regain the cellulose in a wooden fence that fungi have eaten away sometimes fences can not be repaired unless the damages are caught early on. One way to prevent wood rot to a wooden fence is to have your Sugar Land fence contractor build your fence using pressure treated post that have been kiln dried.

Prevent Wood Rot By Sealing Your Fence

After the fence has been constructed make sure to create a waterproof barrier using wood sealer such as Ready Seal. The reason this is our go to is unlike other wood sealers Ready Seal requires no primer, diluting, or wet line applicator. The biggest advantage to Ready Seal is this also allows us to seal wooden fences in Sugar Land hit and humid temperature where many sealants require temperatures to be cooler than 90 degrees and rain free for 48 hours which can be tricky with our weather.

Its important to remember that once wood begins to rot or decay there is no repairing so if you do decide to seal the wood you want to do so every few years to stay ahead of any rot setting into your wood fence which will lead to having to replace sections and in worst case scenarios the entire wooden fence.

Broken or Splitting Boards

When wooden fences begin to age and fence repairs are prolonged its natural for cracks to occur however it’s a surprise to many Sugar Land and Katy homeowners when their new fence begins to show signs of damages. In our area moisture and humidity are a wooden fences worst nightmare. Many do it yourselfers and inexperienced fence builders are not experienced with wood working. When lumber is new its wetter inside then most realizes which is one reason that once a fence is constructed you must wait several weeks before applying sealant, so the wood drops to a moisture level of 12%. The way the moisture is removed from the wood is the same way its removed from grass, heat.

Why A New Wooden Fence is Cracks

As the sun pulls the moisture from the lumber it applies pressure on the fibers in the wood creating small cracks in the places where moisture has dried. In addition, the nails that most Sugar Land fence contractors use leads to tension as the boars van does not stretch out, so they begin to bow or bend which makes your new wooden fence more prone to cracks and warping. This is one reason our fence company uses galvanized screws in place of nails. Another thing to consider is the quality of lumber your fence is being made with. Many people collect multiple fence quotes for a cedar, pressure treated, or pine fence and uneducated assume that all the quotes are the same material however this would be a faulty assumption. There is a grade 1 or A Grade and a grade 2 Cedar wood that come from a different part of the tree they were cut from. While all wood has imperfections the thinner the wood the more sever the cracks so working with a Sugar Land fence contractor that user a premium grade lumber is worth the investment if you want to ensure you get the longest lasting fence possible without frequent fence repairs.

Frequent Fence Repairs in Sugar Land Are A sign You May Need To Replace Your Fence.

In the fencing industry the general rule of thumb is if a fence needs more than 20 to 25 percent of the wooden fence repaired its best to replace your fence because the amount of repairs will cost more than repairing the fence and create more of a hassle then its worth. Also, you must actor in that repairing post no easy task to undertake especially if the post has been properly cemented into the ground so if you are going to need multiple fence post repaired it maybe best to scrap the fence and start over with new post and pickets. In addition, the older a fence becomes the more frequent fence repairs will be needed so once a wooden fence nears its expiration date replacing the fence is the best route to take.

Storm Damaged Fence Repairs and Replacement

Many fences face storm damages that leave them irreparable from wind and ail damages to falling trees not to mention excessive exposure to heat and humidity. In addition to storm damage fence can also hit by vehicles or lawn equipment.

Rusted or Rotted Gates

While you may not need to replace a fence, you will need to replace the gate when rust has taken over as it will wear down your fence over time. If you notice hinges that are starting to sag or wood panels that are rotting before these damages your fence, call a fence contractor who can redesign and custom build a new gate again sealing the wood will elevate many of these wooden fence issues if you stain it shorty after its built. Try your best to make sur you waterproof every non and cranny and do periodical checks and maintenance to keep your wooden gate and fence in tip top shape.

Need A Quote For a Wooden Fence or Fence Repairs in Sugar Land or Katy?

If your fence has been damaged due to wood rot, broken or cracked boards, or any of the other reasons mentioned and you are ready for a change whether that is a new wooden fence in Fort Bend County, or you are seeking an alternative check out our website to learn more but our wrought iron and vinyl fences that are a great alternative to wood and require less frequent fence repairs. Before having any fence installed make sure to check your Sugar Land HIA requirements and when you are ready for a free quote give Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements a call at 281-545-7740 or visit us online to complete a brief contact form and a member of our team will contact you within 48 hours.

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