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Sugar Land Fence Repairs

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Fence Repair Company in Sugar Land

Real Reviews From Customers About Our Sugar Land Fence Company

"If you are looking for a fence company in Sugar Land, your first stop should be Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements. Just recently, we experienced severe storms that caused significant damage all across Fort Bend County and left many fences down in our neighborhood. However, our fence remained perfectly intact, thank you Lon we are impressed!"

“During hurricane Nicholas, we suffered damage on one side of the fence. We had called Home Depot first to get someone to come out and give us an estimate. Biggest mistake. They never showed up. I then searched for fence companies in Sugar Land and found an article of the 14 top fence companies in Houston. I found Emerson Home Enhancements. They had an A+ rating for Reputation and An A rating for Professionalism. I called and spoke with Melissa. She was very understanding when I told her about our issue. We had an indoor cat that liked to go in the backyard. He had gotten out, taken off, and went through a hole in the neighbor's fence and was in a yard on the next block. Plus, our neighbor had a dog, and we didn't want him in our yard. She told me that she would have her husband, Lon out first thing in the morning to give us an estimate. Bright and early the following morning, Lon called us. He was already outside our house. He took measurements and gave us an estimate. When everything was ready to go, and the holes were dug, we had a week's worth of storms that pushed everything back. Lon called us daily to see how the weather was. He even came out when we had some breaks in the weather to do as much as he could until it started storming again. The rain finally stopped, and Lon and Lucas returned to finish the job. They did a great job. Lucas even fixed the holes that we had on our gate, that someone else installed, that had settled. I would definitely recommend this Sugar Land fence company, in fact when we plan to replace the rest of the fence, we will be contacting them again.”

Robert Beard

Our Sugar Land Fence Company Services

We are pleased to provide a variety of services to our customers from repairs and installation to decks, gazebos, and outdoor wooden structures. Our most requested service is fence repairs partially due to the weather and lack of routine maintenance or improper installation. Many people assume that if a fence has fallen over, it can simply be picked back up and put into place, but this is just not the case If you have a wood fence. When a fence blows over due to tropical winds coming out of the gulf it's typical that the wood will twist, warp, or crack, and that not only is the fence section that fell down in need of repairs but usually the fence sections that are close to it.

Chain Link Fence Repairs: In a chain link fence often, the most extensive repair is due to frequent rain which can lead to rust. While rust may not affect the functionality of your fence it can be an eyesore and over time if the rust builds up it can weaken the links. The best way to remove the rust is to use a pressure washer to knock off as much of the rust as you can before taking a wire brush to it, and if this doesn’t work, you can also use vinegar and sandpaper. Sometimes if the storms are severe enough, they can bend the fence rails and post if they aren’t secured, if this happens it's best to call a Sugar Land fence company.

Vinyl Fences: Storms can cause impact damages like fallen tree limbs and flying debris that can puncture or break the vinyl. Our team has the ability to repair vinyl fences by replacing areas of the fence and o r using a repair kit, but first, check with the Sugar Land fence company who instead it as your fence may be under warranty. Most warranties do not cover acts of God (weather,) but it never hurts to check.

Wrought Iron: Rust is also the biggest culprit with iron fences across our area, we get a lot of rust due to excessive rain but sometimes if the fence was not installed correctly it can lead to issues such as uprooted fence posts. Since you need a welder, you want to hire a fence repair company in Sugar Land and not attempt this on your own.

How To Claim Storm Damage With Insurance Company?

Depending on the severity of the fence repairs you need you may want to pay out of pocket or file an insurance claim. Most policies consider fences a permanent fixture like a garage or inground pool so if your fence was blown down then you can get the insurance carrier to cover property damages to your fence. Not every fence repair is covered, especially wear and tear but check first and see if they are willing to pay for it; if the fence repair is minor, it may be best just to take care of the bill yourself and avoid the hassle.

Contact Our Sugar Land Fence Company

If you need your fence repaired, we can help! Our team at Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements will get your fence repaired in no time and make sure your fence is structurally sound and secure before the next storm blows through. We can repair fences from wood to wrought iron, metal, chain link, composite, and vinyl. We don’t use the standard 20% rule the way many other fence companies in Sugar Land do; if the fence post is secure, we won’t try to talk you into replacing your entire fence. Our estimator will assess your fence and determine which posts, pickets, or panels need to be repaired. In addition to fence repairs in Sugar Land and if you need help managing a claim, we can do that too. Don’t let a damaged fence get you down. Contact our experienced fence company in Sugar Land today for a free price estimate visit us online and complete our contact form, or if you need same-day or next-day service, call 281-545-7740. In addition to serving Sugar Land, we also install fence across Houston and Fort Bend, including Katy, Missouri City, Rosenberg, Cinco Ranch, and Cypress.

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