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Iron Fence Repair in Sugar Land

Updated: Jan 28, 2023


When you need your residential or commercial wrought iron fence repaired in Sugar Land it’s important that you find the right team to provide you superior results. The reason many homeowners and business owners choose wrought iron is for their timeless beauty and ease of maintenance but even a wrought iron fence is going to need to be fixed from time to time. The two most common wrought iron fence repair request we receive from Sugar Land residents is rust and bent rails so today we are going to share with our project warriors (Do- it yourselfers) how to repair your iron fence and how to prevent the problem.

How To Protect Your Fence From Rust in Sugar Land

Rust: If you want to keep rust from damaging the look and functionality then keep it clean. When dirt builds up on your fence this can make rust difficult to detect and while those dust particles seem small and insignificant, they can scratch your fence. If you’re not sure how to correctly use a pressure washer to rid your fence of dirt, then we suggest using warm soapy water and a microfiber cloth. Take the cloth sip it into the water and scrub away. Make sure to also get into those nooks and crannies using a small bristle brush, we recommend a grill cleaner because they are affordable and will get the job done. Once your iron fence is cleaned its time to apply a protective epoxy primer that contains zinc as this will defend the fence from corroding or rusting. Once you have applied the primer the next step I to paint your fence with a rust inhibitor. These paint will keep moisture from lading to rust, to act much like a raincoat for your fence. Remember that your fence has no defense from the outdoor elements and the chief enemy of a wrought iron fence is moisture.

Removing Rust From Your Wrought Iron Fence

If you do notice there are areas of your wrought iron fence or gate that is starting to rust, catching it early is key. Some of the early detection signs include:

· Discoloration around masonary or surfaces that have direct contact to your fence

· Cracks in the brick your iron gate or fence are connected to

· Sagging, bending, or squeaking rails

If you see rust, you do not want to delay contacting a fence repair company in Sugar Land. Generally, when you spot one rusty area there are a few others. The fence repairs your Sugar Land wrought iron fence needs will depend on how extensive the damages are, some rust can be scrubbed away more severe issues may call for replacing certain rails.

How To Repair Bent Fence Rails?

If an accident caused your iron to become bent and your wrought iron fence is starting to bend this is really not a do-it-yourself project unless you’re an advanced, do it yourself, kin who case you will likely not be reading this blog so keep the blow torch in the garage and call our experienced team at Emerson Home Enhancements.

Looking For A Fence Repair Company in Sugar Land?

Rather you are looking for a crew who can handle a small fence repair to fix a rusty fence or need something like repairing a bent fence rail due to an accident, you can trust our experienced and insured fence company in Sugar Land to handle any size of project. Not only do we handle wrought iron fences but also wooden, composite, aluminum, and chain link fences for both residentials and commercial properties. We stand behind our work with a generous warranty and offer same day and next day service. Please give us a call at 281-545-7740 or visit us online. Estimates are free!

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