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Information About Wooden Fences Katy TX

Updated: Jan 28


Wooden fences in Katy, TX, are the most popular choice among property owners for securing your property, home, and those who dwell inside it. However, there is more than one choice of lumber our Katy fence company uses, so today, we will share the information you should know before installing a wooden fence in Katy, TX. One of the benefits of working with our Katy fence company is that we assist hundreds of homeowners in the Harris and Fort Bend area in finding the right wooden fence for their needs and budget. No project is competing until you are happy with the final result. After all, a wooden fence installed correctly should last at least 20 years. So today, we have put together a brief overview to help you learn about the different types of lumber there are to use and what our experts suggest.

Three Benefits of a Wooden Fence For Katy, TX Homeowners

First, there are several different types of materials, from aluminum fences to composite- Trex fences but wooden fences provide Katy, TX, homeowners reliability and durability. They are often the most inexpensive option of all the materials to select from. This is just one of the reasons most homeowner associations mandate you install a wooden fence if you live in an HOA in Katy, TX.

Here are just three benefits to consider:

Customization: While most neighbors have a guideline, if you live in an area where you can choose, then a wooden fence provider in Katy, TX, homeowners customized options from a board-on-board fence to the traditional picket fence. Wooden fences can also be used from your backyard oasis to your pool and garden. In addition, a wooden privacy fence gives Katy, TX, residents a way to keep out prying eyes and serves as a deterrent for trespassers.

Easy Installation: Compared to many other fence materials, wooden fences are easier for Katy, TX do it yourselfers who wish to take their vacation time to construct a wall. However, if you hire a Katy fence company, you will face little to no disturbance at your home while your wooden fence is being installed. Most wooden fences can be installed on your Katy, TX, property within 72 hours.

Longevity: When you add a sealer to your wood, your fence has an umbrella that allows it to withstand our climate and continue to look good as new for years to come. Above all, a wooden fence is also less costly than most other home improvement projects you will have to tackle.

Wooden Fence Options Best For Katy, TX Climate

Here is the downside to having a wooden fence installed in Katy, TX, weather. Without sealing your fence, the moisture we receive can become an enemy because the chief enemy of wood is rain. This is why our Katy fence company recommends Calendar or southern yellow pine. Regardless of the wooden fence, you choose our Katy fence company, Emerson Home Enhancements stands behind our work with the most generous fence warranty you will find in our area. Our standards southern yellow fences come with a 3-year free warranty, and for wooden cedar fence Katy TX residents, five years. Let’s look at each type of lumber and let you decide what works best for your needs. Need help, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Cedar: Western red wood cedar is our recommendation for wooden fences as they are insect resistant due to their natural tanning oils. They are also better at handling our climate as they don’t shrink or warp as easily.

Southern Yellow Pine: While this is pine wood, it's not like untreated pine, which our Katy fence company only recommended if you plan to move within a short time frame. Southern yellow is pressure-treated and kiln-dried. Even if you choose a cedar wood fence, we suggest that your post be pressure treated as they work better and last longer in our soil. If you are on a smaller budget, this is the route you should go.

Cyprus: If you like the benefit of cedar, you will truly enjoy a Cyprus wooden fence because, like cedar, they detour termites, wood ants, and spiders. These fences also last longer than cedar, but they are one of the priciest wooden fences in Katy, TX.

Looking for a Wooden Fence in Katy, TX?

If you want more information about these three types of wooden fences for your Katy, TX property or want a free estimate, contact our Katy fence company at 281-545-7740 or visit us online and complete our contact form. A helpful staff member will be happy to schedule a time to come out, take measurements, and provide an onsite quote or repair, replace, or install your new wooden fence. In addition to serving Katy, TX, we also serve Houston, Sugar Land, Missouri City, and the surrounding area.

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