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How To Decorate Your Katy Fence With Christmas Lights

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Our sister company wanted to share with you how to decorate a fence with beautiful Katy Christmas lights. If you drive through a few neighborhoods, you will see wrought iron and wooden fences through Katy have created an amazing backdrop for their holiday decoration. The style you choose and the number of lights you wish to add depends on your budget but here are a few tips to create a dazzling display.

<img src="Christmas lights.png" alt="Katy fence with Christmas lights">
Katy Fence Decorated With Christmas Lights

Types of Fences

Wood Fence: Simply attach mounting hooks from a local hardware store onto the 4x4 fence post or you can also use cup hooks. To hold your Christmas lights firmly into place then take your cordless drill and screw the mounting hooks into the wooden corner post then use a basic color such as green or red for your background

Wrought Iron Fences: You can use pre light garland and run a zip tie through each of the rails to secure your holiday lights into place. This will also work for aluminum fences. Fill in the empty sections of your wrought iron fence with lot of colorful Christmas lights

Chain Link Fences: This is one of our favorite types of fences in Katy for holiday lights and string lights because they are the easiest fence to work with, Take garland and wrap it around the top of your chain link fence or if you want something more temporary use tinsel garland. Garland only needs to be secured at the end of your post and you can hide the fence ties with a decorative velvet bow.

Pro tip: When you are installing Christmas lights, plug them in to make sure each bulb works properly and to get the full effect of how your lights will look.

Another great addition to your fence is what we did for a local homeowners association in Katy, we used giant wreaths to decorate their fence, this was a great way to welcome their residents and visitors,

Weather Concerns

While the Katy area does not receive any snow or ice, except for the rare occasion that occurred last winter we still have to consider the rain and high winds that can quickly impact all your decorating efforts. While wind can still rip through your garland and lights, we install professional grade materials as these lights ae weather resistant and shatterproof so if the lights do fall off your wood fence during a Katy windstorm you won’t have to replace lights, simply pick them up and try to secure them a little more using both a bracket and zip ties. Clear zip ties are a decorators best friend.

Decorating Your Katy Fence With Garland

<img src="iron fence katy.png" alt="decorating wrought iron fence">
attaching Garland To Wrought Iron Fence

When you are planning your design and choosing what to incorporating such as Christmas lights and garland consider if you will be adding displays, bows, wreaths, or just keeping the design basic. If you are looking for pieces that will be an eye catcher and are thicker so they take up more space along your fence line then add artificial greenery. Artificial greenery will not dry out or begin to look old and faded after the first season. Consider adding things to your garland such as Christmas balls and bows which are a very common themes especially for Katy homeowner associations. While they use theirs for monogrammed signs the same type of holiday décor can work well spread along the top of your fence pickets if you are decorating a wood fence.

To add Garland to Your Fence you want to start by measuring the linear footage of the fence, if you are going to drape your garland for a more dramatic flare then you need to add another one to two additional feet so that you don’t run out halfway down the fence line. Again to secure the garland you want to use zip ties or wire so that you can clip off the ends and hide them neatly into your garland so they are not seen, you can pick up some inexpensive ties that are clear for around $10.00 at your local craft store. You can also add decorative touches at each fence post.

Decorate Your Katy Fence With Christmas Lights

C9 holiday: if you want to add lights but you have a longer fence that faces the road then consider adding C9 r big bulb light that are spaced apart a foot so per every hundred feet of fence you only need 100 Christmas lights

Mini Christmas Lights: We love mini lights they add a different look then C9 but they are more costly if you need to cover a longer length because minis are spaced closer together.

Another great addition that will give you lights is to add stakes around the bottom of your fence with Christmas lights that are of a different color as an example if you are going to have red lights along the top of your fence add white lights along the stake at the bottom of the fence to create a candy cane look ties together with a large bow on your gate. If you’re a Christmas light enthusiast, then go all out and add giant candy cans to the center of your fence. Want to create movement on a budget why not add some pinwheels you can pick these up for a dollar at your local dollar tree. Whatever you decide to add make sure to install them close to the fence to ensure the next windstorm doesn’t destroy your holiday fence display. Remember you can go as simple or elaborate as you wish this Christmas season, so have fun with it and make it a family affair. Some of the most popular holiday character themes includes Frozen, Spider man, and as always mickey and Minnie mouse.

Katy Christmas Light Installation

<img src="driveway gate.png" alt="wreaths on driveway gate">
HOA Holiday Décor On Gate

Need some help this holiday season with Christmas lights? We know the right Christmas light installers for the job! During the winter months we install Christmas Lights in Katy and the greater Houston area. Give Christmas Wonder Lights a call before the holiday rush is here as they do book early. Call today (281)545-7740.

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