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How To Create a Christmas Light Display in Katy

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Lights Provided By Our Katy Christmas Light Installation Team

Don’t you just love the holidays? People seem to be in a much more delightful mood and there is a special feeling in the air that makes you wish it was Christmas all through the year. Our Katy Christmas light installers are quickly preparing for the upcoming season so while the forecast is still hotter than hades outside, we know without a doubt this will be another busy year. Covid doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, at least not yet so this means more people will cancel their holiday travel plans, keep crowd to a minimum and spend intimate time with loved one. One of the best ways to still ensure your family stays in the holiday spit is with Christmas lights. Did you know that research actually has been done on the topic of holidays lights to reveal that it does in fact increase your mood? Yet with so many colors and styles to choose from it can feel a little overwhelming do we decided this week we would share a few decorating tips to get you to thinking of how this year you can pull out all the stops and create a magical display that will have your neighbors gushing with envy and keep your spirits soaring.

Tips to Create Your Christmas Light Display in Houston

First there is no one sty fits all when it comes to creating the perfect Christmas light scene. Some people want to simply light up a tree and add a few C9 lights to their landscaping while others want to dress their home from top to bottom in thousands of lights in every color we offer. Bothe can be great and as long as your using LED Christmas lights Katy electric company won’t send you a bill that will reflect much of a difference.

Once you decide on a budget for your holiday decorating you will want to consider every family members taste and style, if your married to someone who doesn’t like to install lights you can either go simple and add lights along the walkway and yard where no ladder is required or you could seek the help of a professional Christmas light installation company in Katy to do it for you, this should be a family decision. Once you have determined a budget and decided who is going to install your Christmas lights the next step is to get creative. You could google “Katy Christmas Lights” and you may find some inspirational images, or you could thumb through Pinterest and Instagram to find a style that will match your home, landscape features, and personal taste. Whatever you decide to do let your imagination run wild and start early. It may seem silly to plan Christmas lights before Halloween but the best holiday displays across greater Houston take months to plan out which is why many retailers roll lights out earlier than ever before, In fact we wouldn’t be surprised to see retailer start to have a small aisle every year devoted to holiday decorating. Once you have a few ideas in mind that you think will fit into your budget its time to plan!

Plan your Scenes

Every great Christmas light display that you see in Katy stated by etching out a design, Take some blank printer paper and colored pencils from your kids school supplies and sketch out your ideas. Make sure to include where the outlets are on the exterior of your home because you do not want to run any extension cords through window or shut the cord inside a door, this can be dangerous. Once the drawing is finalized you want to write out a list of all the items you need to turn your dream design into reality.

Gather The Decorations: Go through last year’s holiday decorations to see what supplies you already have as chances are you may have forgotten, then once you know what supplies you need since you have ample time consider ordering them online, Don’t forget to add in gutter clips, a dusk to dawn timer, zip ties, and a hot glue gun with plenty of sticks if your going to be adding light to any bricks. Another handy item that all out Christmas light installers in Houston use is a Home Depot wrap, this comes with two deep pockets and toes around your waist so you can keep our hands free while installing the lights on your home. Always make sure when it does come time to get on the rooftop to check out your ladder and make sure its safe and the right height for your home. Other things to consider are which types of lights to buy, here are a few suggestions

Choosing Which Christmas Lights To Install

C9- These are big bulb lights that work well for installing along the edge of your roofline or gutters, your fence, and for ground stakes along your walkways.

Mini or Dome Lights: These work best when it comes to wrapping your trees, accenting windows, and doors.

When it comes to purchasing lights if your budget allots for it you should try to use professional grade lights as there brighter, last longer, and they can be custom fitted to your home so there are no wires showing. If a light does happen to burn out they are also much easier to troubleshoot and fix. If you are using retail lights make sure that the lights are LED as they will save money.

Next you need to choose the colors you need to complete your style, while white is classic and goes with just about every design you can imagine do you really want to use the same color everyone else uses or maybe you want to add white with red, for a candy cane look. Green and red is even better and is gender neutral but if you’re a home of all females then perhaps pink will make your home stand out.

Remember To Be Safe or Contact A Christmas Light Installation Company Near You

Again, when it comes to actually installing your Christmas lights make sure to proceed with caution or contact a Christmas light installer in Houston to save you the hassle. If you are a do it yourselfer- then give yourself plenty of daylight so that you never work on a roof at dusk. Enlist a helper to pot you while on a ladder and don’t deal with electricity more than you have too. If you decide that you do not want thrall the hassle of holiday lights, then contact us for a free estimate. We offer a complete turnkey service that incudes lights, installation, removal, and storage so all you have to do is plan and we can even help with that too. Contact us here or call 281-545-7740

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