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How Long Do Fences Last?

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

<img src="pressuretreatedfence.gif" alt="Building a pressure treated pine fence in Fort Bend County">
Long Term Fence for Katy residents

One reason it’s important to educate yourself about fences is to choose the right fence for your property. The biggest questions we receive from Katy TX homeowners is how long they can expect their fence to last. While replacing a fence may not cost as much as having a roof installed whatever money you spend on your home you want to safeguard. This reasonable question can best be answered by knowing what type of fence you want to install as the material you choose for your fence project will let you know how long your fence will last. Before we discuss material options available for your Katy Fence you need to check with the community you live in as many Home owners Association (HOA) in Katy and have guidelines that impact this decision. If you happen to live in other areas of Fort Bend County this may open a variety of fencing options to you so in this guide, we will explain each of the fence types Emerson Home Enhancements installs as well as their lifecycle so before you have your fence built you can make an education decision on what type of fence is best for your home.

How Long a Wood Fence Last

In Katy, Cinco Ranch, Brookshire and Fulshear the most common fence is a wood fence constructed of different types of pine and cedar. The most commonly requested pine in our region is southern yellow also known as pressure treated pine that last approximately 20 years if they are adequately maintained with stain and seal. In addition to building pine fences we also stain fences to make sure our customers receive the full life cycle these fences can offer. If you use a cheaper grade of pine then your fence may only last 5 to 7 years. This budget pine is good for Katy homeowners who plan to sale their home and don’t want to make a long-term investment because they know they will be moving. The most durable wood fence is cedar, we love the look of a western redwood cedar as well as the fact that a cedar fence that has properly been installed will last decades. The average lifecycle of a premium quality cedar such as western redwood is 30 to 40 years. The reason Cedar fences last so long is this wood is that those natural tanning oils that gives Cedar its natural beauty also protect your fence from wood rot, insect damages, shrinking, warping ad cracking due to outside elements such as Katy Texas excessive heat and humidity. The biggest enemy of a wood fence in our area is moisture, nothing will destroy a fence quicker than our rainy season and in Katy you can expect 92 days of some type of perception. As they say we have two seasons in Fort Bend County- rainy season and dry season. However let me give you a wood of caution when it comes to having your Katy wood fence installed if even one of the panels of your fence or pickets touches the ground they will be affected by moisture, when this happens it shaves off up to three years from your fences lifecycle this is why when your hiring a fence company you want to make sure they don’t just slap two board together and call it a day but they know what to do so that your wood fence will last as long as possible. One way to make sure that your wood fence remains off the ground is using a rock board also known as a kicker board. Having a rock board on your wood fence will make sure your fence has a long life ahead of it. Another thing you can do to make sure your wood fence last for decades is to have the wood sealed to provide it an extra layer of protection from moisture. You also want to make sure that the post holes dug have sufficient concrete poured into them. When we build wood fences, we fill the post holes up with concrete to keep the post secure. We also do not nail the board but use galvanized decking screws and a top, middle and bottom brace which adds to how long your wood fence last in Katy.

How Long Metal Fences Last?

There are three types of metal fences used in and around Katy and Cinco Ranch they are chain-link, wrought iron and aluminum fences. The most economical fence you can install on your property is chain link which we see around the perimeter of many Fort Bend business properties but not so many homes. As newer technology has expanded in the fencing industry chain link fences can be constructed with mesh or vinyl material that provide homeowners or business owners with privacy and also add years to the life of a chain link fence. Without this coating you can expect a chain link fence that is maintained to last about 20 years. One of the benefits of a chain link fence installed on your Katy property is that they are little to no maintenance which is why some homeowners prefer them as opposed to wood fences but please make sure to check your HOA rules because most HOA do not allow for them due to their industrial appearance.

Aluminum Fences Lifecycle

Aluminum Fences are an alternative for Katy homeowners looking for a fence that does not require as much upkeep as a wood fence. These fences are also lightweight and durable. During the construction of an aluminum fence a low-density metal is used and powder coating can be added to make your fence less likely to corrode increasing their life. In fact we offer a basic ten year warranty on our aluminum fences and you can also get an extended warranty on your aluminum fence so your investment is protected for 20 years which is about as long as you can expect your fence to last before needing to be replaced

The Lifecyle of a Wrought Iron Fence in Katy TX

If you want a more decorative metal fence than a wrought iron fence offers a elegant and timeless look that is great for homes that come with a view such as a golf course, spring fed pond or fountain view. These fences also work great around the perimeter of a swimming pool to keep family members from falling into a pool and sustaining injuries or a fatality. In 2019 a law was passed requiring all Texas residents who own a pool to have a barrier around the pool and many choose wrought iron.

A true iron fence ( not ornamental) will last you a lifetime in fact is you travel south of Fort Bend to the French Quarters you will see wrought iron fences that date back to the 1700s. The best way to make sure your wrought iron fence looks beautiful over the years as it ages is to add a rust resistant finish to the iron to avoid your fence from becoming corroded with rust.

Other fences we install include:

How long Vinyl Fences: When properly maintained a vinyl fence can last up to 30 years which is the length of time found in high quality cedar wood. fences

Compost Fences Lifespan: We rely on the dependability of Trex to provide a composite fence for our customers in Katy and Sugar Land. Trex fences last and are warrantied for 25 years.

Are You Ready For A Forever Fence?

If you are in the market for a quality fence that will be a long term investment into your Fort Bend County property then call EHE Homes today at 281-545-7740. We have over 20 years of providing quality fences and use only the best of materials. All of our fences come with a long term warranty superior to other Katy fence companies for the same price you could expect to pay elsewhere you can make sure your investment is protected as well as your backyard.

When you call Emerson Home Enhancements we will schedule a convenient time to come out to your home anywhere within the Fort Bend County area to measure where you want your fence installed and provide you with a fair and upfront price. When you work with us you can rest assured whatever fence material you choose will not be shortchanged from improper fence construction. Give us a call today you’ll be glad you did!

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