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Getting A Good Price For Your Fence

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Having a new fence installed is an investment into your property but you want to make sure you get the best price and that your fence lasts as long as possible. While price ought to not be the only factor is probably at the top of your list so in this post we will share with you a few tips of the trade to make sure you get a good price for your Katy home.

Free Fence Quote in Katy

The first step in getting the best price is to call the fence company in Katy and schedule a free quote. They will schedule a suitable time to come to your home to measure the perimeter f your yard, learn if there are homeowner association guidelines that allow homeowners in the community to adhere to height or material requirements. During the quote, you will also be able to ask questions, and based n the answers you will quickly catch on if this is a fence company in Katy you feel is knowledgeable and want to do business with. Once all the necessary information has been gathered, they will provide you a cost for installing your new fence. The estimate they provide will include the cost of the material such as cedar, pressure-treated, or pine wood or if permitted you may have an ornamental fence, a wrought iron fence, vinyl fence, or TREX fence. The quote will also include the labor cost, this is figured out by the manhours it takes to install the fence and also the removal of the existing fence you currently have. Many homeowners ask why we charge a removal fee, first it’s the time it takes to tear it down but also the dump fees of having to take the old lumber and discard it. One fee that a fence company in Katy should not include is utility marking. Before a fence can be installed the underground wires must be marked but there is no cost to call 811 prior to digging but some companies charge for the time it takes to make the call. In Katy residents are not required to have a permit so there is no cost for this and there is no cost for the time it takes to provide the estimate, this is simply one way a fence company in Katy earns your business. However as the owner of a fence company I would recommend that you let the company know upfront if your only window shopping as it does take time from our schedule to provide the service and when 20 people call a day and your only window shopping it can hurt a local business.

Material Fence Cost

The biggest expense is the cost of materials again there are different types of fences from wood to metal, iron, vinyl, and composite fences. The least expensive is wood though current lumber is at an all-time high due to material shortage that has lingered due to lumber mills being closed during COVID and fence companies in Katy deemed an essential service. Wood also has different price points with cedar being the most expensive and pine being the least if you are looking for the middle price you want to use a pressure treated southern yellow lumber for your fence. While southern yellow will not last as long as a cedar fence if properly cared for it will last for decades. If you want to use another material besides lumber you may opt for a vinyl fence. They have little maintenance and work well is on tropical climate as they will not shrink or warp during the rain we endure.

Labor Cost to Construct A Fence

There are a lot of things that go into the cost of labor it takes to install the fence, this is generally where one fence company in Katy beats out another by the price but let's look at why:

Experience: A man that has 20 years of experience such as Lon Emerson owner of Emerson Home Enhancements is going to cost more than a young kid just starting out. Quality cost because with a quality fence you are going to slash the price for fence repairs in half.

Insurance: Do both fence companies in Katy your comparing carry full insurance this includes limited liability and workers comp. If you hire an uninsured fence contractor to install your fence and an injury happens while on your property you are held responsible, if an underground line were to be hit while digging post holes guess who gets stuck with the bill? You! And any company that does not carry insurance is not in this for the long haul and signals that they do not care about the quality of the fence they are constructing.

Warranty: This is extremely important in Katy where fence contractors are not licensed, there is no license in the lone star state the way there is in Missouri where we came from. In states such as MO if they are licensed and fail to do the job sufficiently you can report them, and they could lose their licenses. In our area without a written warranty, your investment is not secure. Whoever you hire you need to get in writing the warranty and what all it entails.

Getting the best deal on a new fence

In conclusion, how do you know you are making the right deal on your new fence regardless of what material you decide to use?

1. Ask Questions: When the fence company in Katy you are receiving an estimate from make sure you ask questions and if you don’t understand something ask for clarification before they leave and keep the communication lines open via email when things are in writing this is helpful!

2. Get more than one quote: have 3 companies provide you with a quote to make sure the prices are similar as long as they are all insured, offer a written warranty, and have the skillset needed to offer you peace of mind.

3. Read Reviews: Ask where their reviews are and spend a few minutes reading them, also ask if they have a few people you can call to see how their experience went.

Looking for A Fence Company Katy?

If you want a good deal on a new fence or fence repairs, then call Emerson Home Enhancement in Katy and anywhere within Fort Bend County. When you hire us to build your fence you can rest assured it's been built by the best workmanship in the area. We have over 20 years of experience, fully insured, and have hundreds of happy homeowners who can vouge for the quality of work we provide. You can reach us at 281-545-7740 or email

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