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Fence Repairs Houston Tutorial

No fence is immune to repairs, iron included. In today’s article on fence repairs for Houston homeowners we will answer a few of the questions we receive such as:

  • What is the life expectancy of a wrought iron fence?

  • Can rusted wrought iron be repaired?

  • How do you touch up a wrought iron fence?

  • How do you fix a wrought iron fence without welding?

Suppose you do common upkeep in order to maintain and protect your iron fences from Houston outdoor elements then you can anticipate that the wrought iron fence our Houston fence company installs will easily last 50 years. Unlike wood, iron is not a fence your going to need to install but once in your lifetime which is why they bring a resell value of 50% should you decide to put your home on the market. Let us share with you a few simple steps to ensure you achieve these results.

Once a year clean your fence

Repaint your fence with a paint that contains rust oleum every five to seven years.

Apply premium car wax to your wrought iron fence to prevent scratches. Scratches and rust are the two leading causes of wrought iron repairs in Houston.

Can rusted wrought iron fences be repaired?

In most cases the answer is yes, over time wrought iron fences in Houston outdoor elements will inevitably develop rust spots. However, while rust is an eyesore, it’s important to note that it will take many years before it compromises the structural integrity of your wrought iron fence. However, since one of the reason that most people want a wrought iron fence in Houston is due to their beauty, let us walk you step by step through the process of how to remove rust from your wrought iron fence in Houston to restore its elegance. If you need a helping hand then reach out to our wrought iron fence pros in Houston who offer installation and wrought iron repairs in Houston, Katy, and the surrounding area.

The first way to remove rust spots is with a product called Ferrosan which is a multi-purpose agent specially designed to remove rust residues from iron surfaces. Take Ferrosan and coat the rust spots on the fence, then wait a few hours for the fence to dry completely. A white or gray compact layer forms on the surface during this time. You may need to repeat this process if rust residues are still visible.

Another way to deal with wrought iron fence repairs caused by rust is to take sandpaper with a grit between 320 and 400, then sand the rust spot lightly. If the rust spot doesn’t budge, use slightly coarser grits until the rust is removed. Then use sandpaper to smooth the area. If there is flaking paint or rust chips, remove them with a wire brush before sanding.

After removing the rust from the fence, apply a protective layer of paint. We recommend using enamel over water- or oil-based acrylic paint. Alkyd a/k/a oil-based enamels cannot withstand Houston heat and humidity. Every few years, you will want to be sure to repaint your wrought iron fence.

Pro tip: Another reason wrought iron fences need repairs is due to scratches. Scratches are a breeding ground for rust. A cost-effective tip for preventing scratches is to take Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax & Polish: Deep Wet Shine and apply a protective coating to your fence. This helps reduce scratches and makes bird-dropping removal simple and easy to remove.

Contact Us For Fence Repairs In Houston

Call Emerson at (281) 545-7740 for your fence repairs in Houston, we work with a variety of materials including iron, wood, TREX, and more. Our estimates are free and our prices are fair.

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