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Fence Gates 101 for Katy Residents

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Have you recently moved to Katy TX, and you are looking for a custom fence driveway or backyard gate to secure your new property? While your fence is important to your property safety and security your gate is just as important as your wooden fence. Some of the benefits a driveway gates provides for your home is added security, having a driveway gate makes your home less susceptible to potential burglars who may be targeting your neighborhood, white a gate alone may not be enough this is a sure sign that you have other security features in place. Another benefit of a driveway gate is the increase in your property value and the overall aesthetic look of your curb appeal. Imagine pulling up to your home and seeing a beautiful wrought iron gate with a family crescent or the letter of your last name, with a customizable driveway gate you have a variety of options to choose from that are sure to compliment the style of your home. As for your backyard gate the functionality of your gate is of utmost importance as it allows the resident easier access to get things in and out of the yard with ease such as trailers, boats, or lawn equipment. If the gate came with your home, chances are it did unless you had a new home built then you may need to contact a fence company in Katy TX such as Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements who is able to build you a wider gate to make sure you have the entrance and exit created according to your specific needs. Gates are also a great addition to your backyard entertainment, having a BBQ this summer and want to invite over friends, then a gate is able to allow them access to your yard.

In this post we will cover all the information that you should know about adding a fence to your backyard or the driveway of your new Katy home.

What to Consider When Choosing a New Gate for Your Fence

When you decide to invest in a new gate you will want to first decide what type of material you want for your gate to be constructed of, your fence often has some sway in the choice but not necessarily, just because you have a wooden fence does not mean your gate is required to be wooden you may want to opt for a wrought iron gate. One of the advantages of a wrought iron gate is this is the idea material for security as they are difficult with their pointed edges to scale. Let’s look at some of the choices that you have available to choose from for your gate.

Quality & Affordable Residential Wooden Gate

<img src="gate.png" alt="cedar wood gate">
Katy Wooden Gate

This is still the most requested gate for Katy homeowners as they can last for up to 2 decades if they are maintained properly. The general rule of thumb even if you wooden fence is constructed of pressure treated pine is to use a cedar wood gate as they are lighter weight then a pressure treated gate and less susceptible to decay, warping or splitting. However, whatever fence company in Katy TX you have hired you want to make sure they build the wood fence correctly as if your fence starts to have issues the gate is most often the first area to fail. One of the ways to increase the lifespan of your wooden gate is to make the entrance way only as wider as it needs to be to get your equipment into the yard as when you add unnecessary width this increase the weight of your gate and can lead to the gate sagging. In addition, when gates are heavy this makes it harder for those grandkids to open and can smash those tiny little fingers. Ouch! If you have chosen a cedar gate then you will want to make sure the fence company sinks the gate into concrete not sand and uses an entire 50 pound bag. When our fence company in Katy TX builds gates, we also use galvanized decking screws instead of nails as nails can rust, bend, and pop out shortening the lifespan of your wood gate and we use only the best latches that can withstand wear and tear.

The Cost of a Wood Gate in Katy

Depending on the size, type of wood (cedar is highly suggested) and the type of hinges and latches you choose will determine the cost of your wood gate in Katy. Our wood gates start at $175.00 and can go up to $1500.00 for more elaborate gates with intricate details this includes both the cost of the supplies and the labor. The labor is around $50.00 an hour and most single gates can be built within a day but if you are looking for a double gate this will take slightly longer.

Choosing the Right Gate Hinges & Latches

If you want the investment of your new wood gate to last as long as 20 years, then you want to make sure the fence company in Katy TX who is installing your gate makes the hinge and latch of your gate one of their top priorities. Before you select the latch, you want to choose a hinge that is based on the size and weight for your gate as this is vital to its structural integrity. You can have the strongest latch but if you lack a good hinge you will end up needing repairs. There are several types of latches to choose from including Iron, Stainless Steel, Bronze, and Brass to name a few and while there is not a maintenance free latch choosing the type that’s good for our sub-tropical climate will help. While iron is the most common type of latch they are susceptible to rust when they are up against our rainy season year after year and when they rust this makes opening ad closing your gate rather tiresome so while bronze may be a little pricier is your looking for less maintenance and a latch that will not rust this makes a great choice. When it comes to your latch and gate the devil is in the details. One last important detail worth mentioning if you’re not seeking the help of a fence company in Katy TX is to ever use interior door hardware for your gate. The manufacture of gate hardware understands the constantly opening and closing and seasonality of a gate so choose your hinges and latch wisely so that you can enter and exit with ease ensuring that you never have to lift up on the gate to lock it into place and avoid unnecessary repairs.

Chain Link Gates

<img src="chain link.png" alt="installing chain link gate Houston">
Chain Link Gate Houston

This is one of the most affordable and oldest materials but used primarily as an industrial gate to provide work trucks easier access especially if you choose to add an automatic chain link gate that has control features which means it will open and close without you having to manually lift a thing. Chain link can also come with powder coating such as polyester, vinyl and PVC to prevent rusting and enhance the look of your gate.

Chain Link Gate Prices

There is a lot of factors that go into determining the cost of a chain link gate including height and link, coating, and labor hours. On average you can expect to spend around $60.00 a linear foot for a chain link gate.

Vinyl Driveway Gates

<img src=driveway gatepng" alt="installing gate in Missouri city tx">
Vinyl gate in Missouri City

There are two types of vinyl gates a consumer and a professional grade vinyl driveway gate, if you are looking for a intermediate do it yourself project you can choose a consumer gate from

who carries a few brands inhouse, our pick for a consumer vinyl gate is CertainTeed. If you are taking on the project you will want to make sure to speak with your local Home Depot representative for more information regarding the products they carry. The primary difference between a consumer and professional vinyl driveway gate is that a professional vinyl uses top of the line products where as a consumer grade uses recycled materials and for this reason will not last as long. When vinyl is recycled it loses some of its visual appeal and can sag or become brittle due to its inability to withstand our weather elements. When our Katy fence company installs a vinyl fence, we also use UV inhibitors that will prevent the gate from becoming sun damaged which increases your gates longevity.

Vinyl Gate Cost

For a backyard vinyl gate, you may be looking at a cost of around $250 to $400 where as a vinyl driveway gates in Katy cost around $800.00 to $1300 to cover the perimeter of your driveway depending on if you have a simple two care entrance or a circular driveway.

Wrought Iron Driveway Gates

Most wrought iron gates are constructed of welded steel that is durable and rust resistant. If you are in the market for a wrought iron driveway gate you may want to take a few things into consideration when working with a fence company in Katy TX such as the type of protective coating that will be applied to your gate. At Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements, we use a power coating that is superior to paint as its less prone to chip, wear, and fade. You also want to ensure they are using steel and not aluminum, while alumni is great for fences they will not be as durable for your gate so be sure when you schedule a consultation to ask the appropriate questions and that whatever gate you choose comes with a written warranty so if anything goes wrong you are protected.

Wrought Iron Gate Cost

A quality wrought iron gate in Katy TX will cost on average somewhere between $2000.00 and $5000.00 while these are the most expensive gates on the market due to the cost of the iron alone, they are more durable than other gates. As long as the fence company in Katy TX installed the gate properly and its maintained over the years your wrought iron gate can last for 50 plus years as opposed to a wooden gate that last 15 to 20 years.

Are you looking for a quality fence company in Katy TX who customizes backyard and driveway gates? Look no further than Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements. They have over 20 years’ experience and offer the longest fence and gate warranties of any other Katy fence company. The provide service including gates and fences in Missouri City, Cypress, Sugar Land and throughout the greater Houston area. Give them a call for a free estimate and an upfront price at 281-545-7740

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