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Defining Houston Hardscapes

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

houston hardscapes

Discover the world of Houston hardscapes and why hiring a professional is essential. Enhance your outdoor space with stunning decks and structures.

One of the questions customers in Houston ask is, “Hardscapes, what are they?” So today, our Houston hardscape crew is going to define this for you and why you might want to consider hiring a professional rather than taking this on as a DIY project.

Hardscaping refers to the elements that aren't living, such as paths, pavers, retaining walls, fences, and outdoor structures, such as pavilions and pergolas, which can benefit the value of your home and extend your outdoor living space. Curb appeal is essential to both homeowners and home buyers as it gives existing homeowners a place they want to come home to and can make a home more attractive to prospective buyers. In fact, in a study of the worth of outdoor remodeling projects, the

National Association of Realtors found that exterior upgrades were most appealing to buyers and the most likely to add value to a home. Although plants, grass, and other items can improve curb appeal, Houston homeowners shouldn't overlook hardscapes.

Does Houston Hardscapes Include Decks and Fences?

houston hardscape decks and fences

The short answer is yes; the term hardscaping is only an industry term that refers to non-living features, so this would include decks and fences as well as paver walkways and ornamental boulders. Introducing paths or paver walls to a property helps develop that home's hardscape. Houston's hardscapes and soft elements often work in concert to create inspiring and permanent designs, including fences.

DIY designers can heed specific tips to make the most of hardscape features on their properties.

As with many exterior projects, homeowners must first determine what types of additions they would like on their properties. Standard Houston hardscape features include patios, decks, walkways of pavers or bricks, and retaining walls. Hardscape elements can be functional or simply decorative, adding whimsy to the yard.

Choose a theme.

The right style allows hardscaping materials to work together. For example, homeowners may want to give their yards an eastern feel, complete with a koi pond and decorative bridge or trellis. A formal English garden, however, may include manicured paths with steppingstones and ornate topiaries. Mixing too many styles together can take away from the overall appeal. The pros suggest looking at the overall plan of the design, even if all of the work can't be completed at once. This way, the eventual finished project will be cohesive.

Think about the purpose.

Houston Hardscapes can look good but also serve key purposes. Pebbles or gravel can mitigate trouble areas that don't grow grass or plant life well. Retaining walls hold back soil in yards with sharply inclined hills. Mulch can set perimeters around trees and shrubs and planting beds. Fencing, another form of hardscaping, is essential for establishing property boundaries and adding privacy.

While many hardscaping additions can be handled by novices, large-scale projects, such as patios and decking, can change the grading of the yard. Working with a professional Houston hardscape company leaves such issues as allowing them to handle common issues in our area, such as drainage and building codes and how to take in cues from nature, so everything blends together for maximum beauty and usefulness. In addition, a Houston hardscape company will ensure that whatever is built will last for years to come. If you'd like to speak with a professional Houston hardscape company regarding your deck, fence, or permanent outdoor structure, then call the name you can trust. Emerson Home Enhancements.

At Emerson, we offer a five-year warranty and free on-site estimates; give us a call to learn more at 281-545-7740 or complete our easy to use contact form, and we will reach out to you within 24 hours.

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