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Comparing Aluminum and Wrought Iron Fence for Houston Residents

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

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Which is better an aluminum or wrought iron fences for your Houston property?

As a leading wrought iron fence company in Houston one of the most asked questions we receive from property owners throughout Harris County is which fence is better, aluminum or wrought iron? If you take a drive around several local communities what you will notice is that aesthetically speaking you can’t tell much of a difference because aluminum panels and post are designed to look like wrought iron fence, and both are great materials that will provide a highly secured perimeter for your business, home, or pool. However, there are a few differences you may want to consider so today we hope to share some facts you may not be aware of so that when you choose an aluminum or wrought iron gate for your Houston property you can make the most informed choice for your needs and budget.

Advantages of Aluminum Fences

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Aluminum or metal fences are a great alternative to both wooden and wrought iron fences for Houston homeowners who want to enclose any space because these fences are extremely versatile, unlike many materials they can be used on flat or sloped land without gaps, and they do not require much upkeep. Wrought iron fences in Houston climate suffer from rust due to the humidity, sea salt that circulates in the air, and our rainy days. If you have lived here long enough then you know we have two seasons- wet and dry, but aluminum fences will not rust when exposed to the outdoor climate, The benefit is your fence with a little cleaning will look as good as the day it was installed. Quality aluminum fences have a coating that is either galvanized or has 4mm powder done through an electrostatic process to create an aluminum fence that is smooth and resilient it also keeps your fence from fading so that you don’t have to worry about exposure to the sunlight or rain and unlike wooden fences alumni fences detour insects such as carpenter ants and termites. The best news of all if you are looking for a new fence is alumni fences come with a long-term warranty and an affordable price tag. Our Houston fence company, Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements is pleased to offer either a 10-year standard warranty or an extended 20-year warranty on our aluminum fences.

The Cost of An Aluminum Fence

Another benefit is that alumni fences are easier to install then most other fence materials because they come prefabricated from the manufacture, if you enjoy do it yourself projects then you can expect to spend around $22,00 to $24,00 a linear foot and a weekend of labor to have a new aluminum fence. If on the other hand you hire a professional the average cost for an aluminum fence is between $32,00 and $40.00 a linear foot. While alumni fences are more costly upfront then a pressure treated or cedar wood fence when you look at all the benefits including the overall lifetime of having your fence and the savings of not having to replace it ever 10 to 20 years as well as their low maintenance which will save you hundreds if not thousand on repairs it balances out. When comparing an aluminum fence to a wrought iron fence, its truly a savings!

Benefits of Wrought Iron Fence

When it comes to choosing a wrought iron fence for your Houston property you can expect years of security, privacy, durability, and beauty. There are very few fences that can last a century and still remain strong like a wrought iron fence, and this is why many property owners in Houston choose them despite their expensive cost. Wrought iron fences are made of iron and some include carbon so that It can be used for a fence without breaking or cracking. While iron fences will rust over time it generally takes about 15 years before you will notice any spots this is why, unlike aluminum fences they need to be painted every decade with a paint that includes a rust inhibitor so that they remain strong and visually appealing. Other benefits of a wrought iron fence are that this fence can be used for security, with certain toppers such as spheres it makes the fence unlike to be scaled to ward off intruders, this is one reason they are used a lot for driveway gates. Using iron, you can still showcase your property without jeopardizing your family safety as wrought iron fences are unobtrusive. However, the one drawl back is that this is not a do-it-yourself project, wrought iron fences require a Houston professional with experience in welding this is one reason they are far more costly, they are designed on location and a true iron fence is not prefabricated so that also means if you have the budget for it, you will have a one-of-a-kind forever fence that meets all your needs and personal preferences.

Cost of a Wrought Iron Fence in Houston

Warning – most on the fences you see are alumni fences because a true wrought iron fence is going to run you between $200.00 to $300.00 a linear foot, ouch! This is the most expensive type of fence material you can purchase. A lot of the cost depends on the size, style, and complexity of the style of wrought iron fence you choose there are both cast iron and true wrought iron so if you want to drive down the cost consider cast iron or at least a iron fence that is less thick.

Houston Wrought Iron Fence Repairs

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There are not too many iron fence repairs you are going to need, the majority of the calls we receive are actually for aluminum fences that suffered impact damages in a storm or due to faulty fence post that were improperly installed and have begun to shift in the soil. We are pleased to be one of the only aluminum and wrought iron fence repair companies in Houston. Even if we didn’t install the fence, we can still repair it, some of the repairs include:

· Rust removal

· Replace Broken railing

· Resetting or replacing post

· Replacing aluminum pickets and panels

· Replacing pins with stainless steel

· Painting and power washing

Pool Fences

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Many homeowners throughout the Houston area are looking to meet the new Texas pool requirements by having a fence installed around the perimeter of their pool, while this maybe a hassle having a pool fence will not only keep you safe but it can beautify your outdoor oasis. Both aluminum and wrought iron have great pool perks. If you are looking for a pool fence that is not only visually stunning but will keep everyone safe contact us today!

Let Our Houston Fence Company Secure Your Property!

If you are looking for an aluminum or wrought iron fence company in Houston, you have come to the right place! At Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements, we have over 20 years in the fencing industry and repair, replace, and install a variety of fence with the longest warranties in the area so you can rest assured your investment is protected. If you have any questions or need helping to choose between a n alumni and wrought iron fence for your Houston, Katy, or Cypress property give us a call for a free pricing estimate. Our team will be glad to come out to take a look at your property, make suggestions, and offer you an upfront cost. Call us at 281-545-7740 or visit us online

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