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5 Tips For Choosing a Fence Company

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

<img src="fence repairs katy.png" alt="repairing fence in Katy that blew over">
Does Your Fence Look Like? Then You Need A Reliable Fence Company Fast!

If you’re a homeowner in Katy, Sugar Land or Missouri City chances are sooner or later you are going to find yourself working with a fence company rather that is for fence repairs or because a recent storm blew your fence over and you need sections replaced. Since your home is your largest investment its crucial to find a reliable, knowledge and trustworthy fence company in Katy or Sugar Land who you are confident will provide you a wooden fence or repairs that are high quality and for a fair price. Today we are going to provide you five tips that will help you to narrow down your choices.

Tip #1 Verify the fence company offers a warranty

While fence repairs are reasonable, having a new cedar fence built isn’t so cheap especially with the escalated fees for lumber due to COVID so you want to make sure the fence company you hire for your wooden fence guarantees their work. One of the disadvantages in Houston is that fence companies do not have to be licensed so once you pay them, your stuck with any repairs that may occur which can cost you what you saved by going with a cheaper fence contractor then you would have spent making sure you were working with a ligament fence company in Katy who stands behind the quality of their work. One of the advantages to working with Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements is they offer the longest fence warranty in Sugar Land, Missouri City or Katy so you can rest assured that if there is a defect in the quality of workmanship, they provide your covered.

Tip # 2 Test The Materials Being Used To Build Your Fence

Not all lumber is created the same, sure there is Cedar, pressure treated and pine but in addition to the different type of wood used there are also different grades of lumber. When your comparing prices between three fence companies in Katy you want to also inquire and have a clear understanding as to the grade of lumber, they are using so that you compare apples to apples. The best Cedar you can use is a grade #1 but these are not often used for fences because they come with a steeper price instead you want to inspect the wood and make sure the cedar, they are using is a grade #2 not a Chinese or Japanese cedar. A Chinese cedar is used by many fence companies around Katy and Fort Bend because while its cedar its less expensive for them to use but this is NOT Cedar its actually derived from a fir tree so its not resistant to decay and weathering the way the homeowner expects but by the time, they realize they have been taken, the warranty if there was one is void. When you’re inspecting the wood check for thickness. If your pickets are not at least one inch thick ask to see the receipt or to call the lumber yard.

Not only do you want to inquire about the wood for your fence, but you also want to know what will be holding the fence together. Most fence contractors use nails and do not screw their fence because it’s easier for them to walk the fence line with an air gun popping in nails that will pop out as easily as they popped in. Another advantage to having your boards screwed into place is if the fence needs repairs, it’s much easier to rework should a damaged board due to a storm need to be replaced. Lastly what type of materials are your post going to be placed in? Does the Katy fence company use compacted dirt, sand, concrete, or gravel?

Here is what one of our customers wrote to share about their recent experience that tell which choice is best:

“Last week the fence you built for me four months ago was hit by a car, the neighbors fence was also hit, and the car shattered two of their post, several rails, and pulled their post from the ground that were set in dirt and gravel. My fence that you guys built did shift several inches, but they are still in the ground, but I do need my kicker board replaced…”

Bottom line always asks probing questions to make sure the companies who are providing you with a bid for your fence repairs are offering you quality materials.

Tip #3 Talk to Actual Fence Installation Customers

One of the best ways to ensure your hiring the right fence company in Katy for your fence installation or repairs is to check their references online and offline, I won’t indulge you with marketing schemes, but I will tell you to protect your assets by asking the fence to contract your working with to speak with their customers. Chances are if you’re working with a reputable company, they have plenty of people who are happy to share their experiences and allow you time to drive by and check out the quality of their work, so you know what to expect and that you’re hiring the right crew for the job. Ask for both older and new refences, if the company claims to be in business for X number of years, then verify it, don’t just take them at face value when you’re dealing with your dollars and home.

Tip #4 Verify Insurance

While building a fence is not as dangerous as a roofing company who could fall off your house, accidents do happen more than any of us want to admit. When accidents occur on your property and the Katy fence company you hire for your fence repairs is not insured, guess who can be held liable? You! Unfortunately, in Texas the fence companies are unregulated this means that anyone with a truck and a few tools can open up shop without any previous experience or knowledge and then get injured and your SOL, which brings me to my fifth and final tip,

<img src="Katy fence company.png" alt="after our fence company in Katy repaired the fence">
After Our Fence Company in Katy Repaired The Fence


Listen, its hard having to give estimates and if you’re seriously not shopping to have your fence repaired or replaced be respectful and don’t waste a fence companies time, because time is money and there out there slaving in the heat and humidity BUT if anyone ever suggest you pay for an estimate, a utility line to be marked or for 100% of the price of the fence regardless of their reasoning this is not a fence company you want to do business with. 50% of the price is lumber and materials, this should be paid but not a cent more until the job is complete and you have signed off that you approve of their work. An estimate is a part of doing business, and 811 is a free 5-minute phone call that can often be done while typing an email, in fact that’s precisely what I am doing so again remember these five tips and it will help you choose a quality fence company in Katy for your fence repair or wooden fence installation. If your reading this because you need someone in our area, I'd love to talk to you. We work in Katy, Sugar Land, Missouri City, and the greater Houston are and I've been building wooden fences for 20 years. Give me a buzz at 281-545-7740 or visit me on line by clicking here, I look forward to helping you out!

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