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A Recent Interview As Winner of Houston Best Fence Company

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

<img src="Houston fence company.png" alt="voted best fence company in Houston">
Lon and Melissa Emerson-Owners of Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements

Recently we sat down with this well-known Katy couple for a brief interview to talk about their business, and marriage and get to know the Emerson family, our choice for one of Houston's best fence companies for 2021.

Welcome to the show, Lon and Melissa Emerson,

Lon you were recently voted by Experian as the best fence company in Houston, congratulations! How does that make you feel?

Fantastic, we were really happy that after checking out almost 500 companies we made it into the top 3 – its an honor to have your work recognized. I still get excited about every review from our customers we receive. I love building fences in Houston and our crew is small but mighty. Melissa has been a huge part of that, I am the brawn- she’s the brain.

What’s your role Melissa?

Melissa: First thanks for having us and voting our company into the top three best fence companies in Houston, my role is marketing. I have a background in business development and search engine optimization. I also answer the phones, schedule the appointments, and help Lon with whatever other paperwork he needs me to handle. My main focus however is on Christmas Wonder Lights, this keeps me busy year around.

How is it being married to your business partner?

Lon: God knew what he was doing when he put us two together that’s for sure, we each have our roles and as long as we stay in our own lanes things work out great.

Melissa: yes, we each have our roles and we do them well, but I am a bit of a control freak, so we’ve had to work out the kinks, we both have a strong work ethic and are passionate about our businesses. We blend them together the way other people blend families, when we married all of our kids were grown. Its not for every couple but we enjoy it (most days)

How many kids do you have, and do they work for you?

Melissa: I have three children, and Lon has a daughter, together we also have a fur baby Mister Smores and a grandson who’s four that lives with us and a 2nd grandbaby on the way. One of my daughters helps as an interior designer for holiday decorating.

Lon: One of Melissa daughters worked with me, she was voted female fence builder in Houston for two years but now that she’s expecting we don’t let her out in the heat. Building fences is tough work.

So I got to ask what's up with your name? It doesn't indicate your a fence company?

Melissa: Lon, didn't know marketing (she laughs)

Lon: I started off as a joke of all trades, my fences and decks really flourished but we also offer pressure washing and gutter cleaning, anything for the outside of your home really.

What type of fences do you build?

Lon: We offer wood fences, chain link, iron, and Trex. Most customers choose wood fences due to their HOA. But we do them all and offer fence repairs as well.

Do you enjoy one more than the other?

Yes, I really like building wood especially ranch style fences we build these fences across Texas not just in Houston.

Tell us about what makes your fences unique?

Lon: Its all in the way they are built, most Houston fence companies just slap boards together with nail guns and don’t secure the post as they should. When I moved to Texas, I was shocked that there wasn’t any license requirements and Houston fence companies were unregulated.

Where are you from?

Lon: I was born and raised in Springfield Missouri, I moved to Houston when Melissa and I were married. There fence builders are licensed and fences have to stand up to snow and ice, most of the fences here wouldn't last many winter up there, they just aren't built right, I shake my head every day at the shoddy work we see.

Melissa, tell me a little about Christmas Wonder Lights?

Melissa: We are a premiere Katy Christmas light installation service; we provide holiday light displays and interior decorating. We provide residential and commercial business an all-inclusive package including lights, set up, removal, maintenance, and storage. We service Harris, Fort Bend, Waller, and recently expanded into Galveston County.

Lon, do you install all the lights?

No, Melissa has a great team I just help her out to oversee the crews, but we build fences year around so it’s a little hard to juggle. This is possibly my last year to get to help my wife, but I enjoy changing things up a bit and giving her a hand.

If you had one piece of advice for new fence companies in Houston starting out, what would it be?

Lon: Focus on quality over quantity, don’t rush through a job or cut corners to save time or money. This will make your customers happy and return or refer you to people they know so that your business grows.

Melissa: and have a solid marketing plan, great customer service, and charge what your worth. If you’re a good fence company but no one knows you exist or your too cheap you wont last in this industry.

Anything else you guys would like to share with our listeners?

In 2017 I started the Present Project; this is where both of our businesses give back to the community. We are currently taking applications so if you know a family in need this Christmas you can nominate them by emailing or info @Christmas

If someone wants a fence installed or Christmas lights, how do they contact you guys?

If you need a fence installed, replaced, or repaired call us at 281-545-7740 or if you need Christmas lights visit us online and fill out our form.

Thank you guys for your time, this is the Emerson family make sure to go visit them and congratulations Lon on being voted one of Houston best fence companies for 2021.

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