Brick Wash

Soft washing prevents premature degradation saving you thousands in repairs. The secret of soft washing is the cleaning agent we use on your brick so you achieve your desired results even on the most sensitive areas. Our knowledge and skilled team uses this innovative approach to provide your home only the best in safe and effective cleaning

Siding Wash

Have you noticed green or black mildew on your home’s siding? or awful, black streaks on your gutters? Is your vinyl siding chalky or dirty? By choosing your home team EHE to clean your siding you can be confident our safe- guaranteed back cleaning method will restore your home to its former beauty with zero risk to your home or landscaping.  

Stucco Wash

To keep stucco attractive for many years, it is important to provide routine maintenance to the exterior of your home.  Periodic washing of soffits and walls are the most important items of care with regard to stucco, as it will help avoid the potential buildup of dirt and mold. This is also a good for any type of exterior, from wood to masonry & steel

No Worries EHE Will Wash It All Away

Emerson Home Enhancement has a 20-year long history of eliminating the embarrassing streaks and discoloration that can keep your home from looking its best. If you have noticed your home is turning green from mildew, has black streaks on your gutters or your vinyl siding is chalky or dirty your Katy- Fulshear Home Team is here to help.


When you allow Emerson Home Enhancements knowledge team to wash your home you can rest assured your home will not only look new again but there is zero risk of damaging your home or landscaping. Unlike the “other teams” in the Fort Bend area who use pressure washing at 4000 PSI to remove dirt and mildew we know High pressure can cause SEVERE damage to your home siding, brick, stucco, and wood. Our key is to use low pressure house washing that is safe and apply the best chemicals that after leaving for 5 to 15 minutes will turn any green or black mold to light brown. Using a low-pressure stream of water typical to a garden hose EHE will make your home look greater than ever.


In addition, other debris such as spider webs, dust, small insects, and bird droppings are suspended in the foamy mixture. Then we completely rinse the home again with clean fresh water to remove all dirt, grime, and debris as well as the dead organic materials. Unlike others in the area we mix all our chemicals on site not in huge batches so that its blending according to the dirt, debris and mold located at your home. One size does not fit all when it comes to cleaning detergents.

Choose The Company With A Guarantee

If you are like many of our customers, you take great pride in your home’s carefully planned landscaping. We know you spend substantial amounts of time and money to make sure your home is beautifully landscaped throughout the year. That is why we GUARANTEE that EHE house washing process will never damage your valuable landscaping. We can guarantee this because we keep chemicals use to a minimum and soak any vegetation that comes into contact with our solution. We often use a plastic sheeting to cover delicate foliage such as roses, annual flowers, or ornamental trees to ensure we offer the best protection for your landscaping.

We also guarantee our work, if for any reason you are unsatisfied without complaint or argument, we will return to correct the mistake. This 100% commitment separates us apart from other alternatives.

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