Fence Repairs  Houston TX

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Before Fence Repairs 

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After Fence Repairs In Houston 

Residential Fence Repair Service in Houston


From replacing a few pickets to fence post and panels, we will get your fence repairs in Houston don’t on time and on budget!


As a leading fence company serving the greater Harris County area, we are pleased to not only install fences but offer fence repairs to Houston residents. When you work with our family and locally owned fence company you can rest easy knowing your fence is in the capable hands of caring professionals who have over 20 years of experience who can repair just about anything, and if we can’t then it’s not fixable. Some of the most requested fence repairs we offer in Houston include:


  • Wood Fence Repairs

  • Chain Link Fence Repairs

  • Wrought iron Fence Repairs

  • Composite Fence Repairs

  • Aluminum Fence Repairs

  • Vinyl Fence Repairs

  • Gate Repairs


If you are unsure whether your fence needs to be repaired or replaced, we would be happy to come to your location and provide you with a complimentary fence evaluation and a fair and upfront price. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or call us at 281-545-7740 to learn more about our fence repairs service in Houston.

Storm Damage Fence Repairs in Houston



When severe storms like a hurricane or high winds out of the gulf hit out area, many fences face damages and need prompt attention. Regardless of if we installed your fence or you hired someone else to, we can help restore the structural integrity of your fence. If 811 does not need to be called to mark the utility cables and wires prior to digging, we can handle your fence repairs in Houston the same day or next day. If we do have to dig then we will notify 811, mark the perimeter and return the day after the fence has been marked to roll up our sleeves and get to work to keep pets in and predators out. Here is a sampling of some of the same day fence repairs services we offer Houston residents.


  • Fixing broken slats or Damaged fence panels

  • Snapped or broken chain links

  • Leaning section of fence

  • Hardware such as hinges, locks, and latches

  • Sagging top runners

  • Screwing on T Braces to an iron fence

Save $ With Our Fence Repair Service For Houston Homeowners


If you are a Houston homeowner with a damaged fence chances, are you have scrolled through the internet and stumbled on more than one Houston fence company that states “our general rule of thumb is if more than 20% of your fence needs to be repaired, you need to replace it?” So, what they are really saying is if 80% of the fence is good you should rip it down and replace it with the new fence, they build you? Does that seem logical? Well, it doesn’t to us either. Yes, in many cases the other fence sections may start to go in fat if any entire section of fence is down the side to the left and right may also need fence repairs but then again maybe not. Our measuring stick to see if a fence can be repaired is to check all the post and pickets. If they are secured there is no benefit to replacing the entire fence, except to the fence company bandits. So, before you toss away 80% of your fence that is structurally sound give us a call and let’s see if we can save you a little extra money with our NO BS fence repair services in Houston.

Fence Repair In Sugar Land


Looking to have your metal, chain link, or wooden fence repaired, replaced, or restored in Fort Bend County? Our fence repair service in Sugar Land offers same day and next day emergency fence repairs as long as 811 does not need to be contacted for digging. If so, we will secure your fence to get you through. Here are some of the common emergency fence repairs we handle.

  • Fixing broken or damaged fence panels

  • Leaning or sagging wood fences

  • Rusted or Inoperable Gate hinges or latches

  • Sagging top runners


Learn more about all the fence repairs we offer in your neighborhood by contacting our fence repair service for a free fence repair estimate.

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Prolonging Your Fence Repairs in Houston 


There are many reasons why your fence may need to be repaired or replaced from the fence company in Houston TX who installed your fence to the materials you choose. Most of the homeowners and HOA in Harris County prefer wood fences thought other materials work much better such as vinyl, aluminum, and composite fences that mimic wood but don’t succumb to rain, humidity and heat the way wood does. If you have a wooden fence you are going to need fence repairs in Houston climate, there is just no way to completely avoid it but there are things you can do to prolong them.  


Minimizing wood rot: A common fence repair in Houston is wood rot due to our sub-tropical climate. As we all know there are two seasons wet and dry. With all the moisture that plagues the gulf coast if you have a wood fence, we recommend avoiding untreated pine and going with cedar or pressure treated wood. We also suggest installing fence post made from pressure treated wood. Pressure treated wood is better than cedar when it comes to post because its able to withstand soil without decomposing. The preservative in pressure treated lumber consist of copper and a water repellant which fends off moisture, mold, mildew, and insects such as termites and carpenter ants. If you have wood rot to your post then make sure the crew you hire in Houston to repair your fence uses pressure treated post and if you are having pickets replaced we suggest going with cedar.

Choosing the right pickets:  Over time most wood fence will need to have a few pickets replaced due to the wood splitting, cracking, or warping because of their long-term exposure to the sun and rain. Trees are filled with moisture which is one reason that even after you have a new fence installed you want to wait several weeks before sealing the wood so that the moisture level reaches 12%. During this time the cells will dry out and shrink but if they are exposed to rain over and over again the wood retains the water and the wood expands, when the sun comes out to dry up all the rain the fence contrast which causes your wood pickets or boards to warp, split, or crack. One of the best ways to prevent your wooden fence from needing repairs due to Houston sun and rain is to use wood that has been Kiln dried. When the lumber is Kiln dried it has little chance of contrasting and consequently less fence repairs.

Protecting The Wood: One of the best ways to help your fence remain strong and steady for decades to come is having your wood fence sealed every 3 years. There are two types of fence sealer one is a fence stain and seal that not only preserves the wood but adds rich colors to enhance the fences visual appearance. The second is just a transparent wood sealer that protects the wood by acting like an umbrella it will help you avoid fence repairs due to Houston humidity, rain, and ultraviolet rays.

Preventing Rust: If you have a chain link or a wrought iron fence you may struggle with rust because of wet, damp, weather. If your fence has rust, it can cause structural damages as it weakens the fence. If you have a chain link or iron fence you want to have it galvanized or vinyl coated. When a fence is galvanized, this protects it from the weather and rust. The best chain link fence for our area has galvanized wire with an extra layer of vinyl added on top of the galvanized steel.


So if you have to replace your wood, iron, or chain link fence in Houston take these tips into consideration to prolong needing fence repairs due to Houston harsh weather.

Choose Our Fence Repair Service In Houston


 For all your fencing needs there is one name you can trust, Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements. Here is what you can expect when you work with us:


  • Our fence company understands Houston flood zones and if necessary, will work you to obtain a permit.

  • We have over two decades of experience in the fencing industry

  • Our fence repair service has no minimum price requirement