Our Fence Company Process For Katy TX Residents

Katy Fence Planning Guide

Step 1: Schedule A Free Estimate


When you call our fence company, we will schedule a time within 72 hours to come out to meet with you to measure your fence, assess the damages and determine the cost of your fence installation.  You can expect the estimate to last no longer than an hour. It is helpful prior to arrival to know what your homeowner association rules and regulations are which is generally on their website so we can provide a quote that meets those regulations. If this is a brand-new area it may also help to have a survey so the scaled map will show the boundaries lines for us to know where the fence needs to be built.

During your estimate we will discuss the materials, your budget and answer any of your questions. We do not use salesman so the person we send out is the person who will be in charge of building your fence. If you are on the fence about which material to choose, we can provide recommendations based upon your property and preferences as well as the upkeep that will be required. After your appointment all the cost will be figured up and you will be emailed the estimate in writing, so you precisely know the breakdown for the materials you choose and the cost of labor. Our fence company in Katy TX will also provide you with a timeline as to when our next opening is and how long the fence will take to build.


Step 2: After Your Estimate

You have made a great choice in choosing our fence company in Katy TX for your new fence. Before we can install or replace your existing fence there are a few things that need to happen first.


Signed Contract

Once you decide to choose us, we will provide you with a very basic contract that entails what you can expect from us including the warranty coverage, we also require a 50% deposit to lock in your date and order materials. If the remaining balance is not paid within 5 calendar dates the fence is owned by Lon and Melissa Emerson and will be removed.

Calling 811

Before your installation we also need to have the area where your fence is being installed marked by the utility companies prior to any digging. The gate must be unlocked, or they will skip your house.  There will be an orange flag for your cable and fiber optic. A red flag for gas and a yellow flag for water.

HOA Letter

If there is any issue with your homeowners association, we will need a letter starting the issue has been resolved before we can build a fence that goes against their policy, this is for your protection.


Protect Your Landscaping

If you have special flowers, plants, shrubs, or trees where we will be installing your new fence, we strongly suggest to either have them trimmed or relocated as we are not liable if they are damaged. We do provide tree services in Katy and can tend to shrubs and trees in or around your fence line at a discounted rated.

Be A Good Neighbor

Please speak with your neighbors to inform them you’re having our fence company in Katy TX install your new fence. If you need to have your neighbors involved in this decision, we can deliver them a quote on your behalf, but we charge $50.00. We believe the best way to be a good neighbor is to have them on site when we go to deliver the quote or to provide them the quote as they already know you and this can make the process much easier. 


According to Texas state law if the fence is right on the property line between your property and the neighbors both you and your neighbor are responsible. If the fence falls on only one side of the property, it’s the soul responsibility of the owner whose side the fence is on.

Step 3: Installing Your New Fence

One of the advantages of working with our fence company in Katy TX is since we don’t use salesmen and the person responsible for building the fence has already been able to answer questions you do not need to be home, but the gate must be unlocked, and all animals must be inside for the safety of your pets and our crew. If dogs are outside, we will have to reschedule your installation and you will face a fee of $50.00 for the inconvenience of having to shuffle around our schedules.

If you are having an existing fence removed, we will tear down the existing fence and haul it away. Depending on the linear footage of the fence this may require two loads – one load prior to starting the job so the area is cleaned and the other after the fence is installed. The fencing materials is generally delivered the day before the fence is to be installed or the morning of. Our fence company in Katy TX does not use sub-contractors and remains accessible throughout the entre process so if you have any issues simply give us a call.

Step 4: Walk through- If the owner is home, we will walk the perimeter of the fence with you and address any concerns or questions you may have. If the homeowner is not on site, you can give us a call and if necessary, we will schedule a return trip. If you later notice anything that needs our attention, please call 281-545-7740. Our job is not complete until you are 100% satisfied with the fence, we provide you and have signed off on the paperwork.

Step 5: Final Payment

Payment is due upon completion either by cash, check, or credit card. If you are paying by credit card, we do charge a 3% processing fee and will email you over the invoice, so you know that we do not have access to your credit card information. After final payment you can rest assured, your fence is covered by our extended warranty and if you had a Trex or Vinyl fence we will provide you the information so you can register your new fence with the manufacture.

Please keep in mind that after your fence is built you may notice some messiness from left over soil to pressed grass. We are not liable for any landscaping damages but will do our absolute best to leave you yard better than we found it.