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Answers to Most Common Questions Our Fence Company In Houston Receives

If you need an answer and would rather not call, let us share a list of frequently asked questions we receive to help make things a little easier for you but as always feel free to call and one of our friendly staff members will assist you.



If I previously purchased materials, will you install it?


Yes, we will but it will not be covered under our warranty as we are very selective with the materials and vendors we choose to work with.


Can you repair issues caused by another fence company in Houston?


Yes, we are happy to repair any fence regardless of who installed it. However there maybe instances in which we can not match the fence precisely such as a prefabricated fence design.


Are you licensed and insured?


Sadly, Texas does not have a licensing department that regulates the fencing industry however we are fully insured for your safety and protection.


Do you offer financing?


We do not have in house financing however as a Home Depot pro they do provide financing and we use their lumber when building wooden fences. Learn more about Home Depot generous financing.


What areas do you serve?


Our fence company is located in Katy TX and serves Houston and all of Fort Bend County including Beasley, Cinco Ranch, Freson. Fulshear, Guy, Missouri City, Needville, Pecan Grove, Richmond, Rosenberg, Stafford, and Sugar Land, Weston Lakes.


How long have you been a fence company?

We have been in the fencing industry since the 1970’s and opened our second fence company in the Houston area in 2019.



Fence Installation Q & A


What if I have landscaping near the perimeter of my fence?

This is not uncommon while it is the homeowners responsibility to trim trees and shrubs, we also offer tree service in Katy TX, so our customers don’t have to coordinate working with two different companies and trying to coordinate schedules. If you do have flowers or plants, you may want to relocate them before we arrive to prevent any issues.


Do you charge to remove and haul away my existing fence?

Yes, it takes our crew time to remove the fence and we do incur dump fees, so we charge $5.00 a linear foot to remove and haul off the old fence and that is provided in the estimate you receive. There are never any hidden or unexpected charges.


Do I need to call to have my underground wires marked?

Our fence company in Katy TX will call 811 prior to any digging so that you don’t have to, and we do not charge as this is a free call however until the lines are marked, we can not dig. It is the homeowners responsibility to ensure their gate is left unlocked so the hard can be marked.


I live in an HOA how do I find out what type of fence is required?

The majority of associations have a website with a detailed destruction of what type of fence you can have, and the height requirements some HOA also require rot boards so please check with your HOA before we arrive so we can provide you the quote according to the HOA specifications.


Do you charge for estimates?

No, we do not charge to come out however please be courteous while this is a free service, we provide we do ask you to only call if you are seriously inquiring about repairing or replacing your fence. We do have salesman, so we do have limited availability and only offer quotes in the morning between 7;30 and 8:30 am and early evenings after 6:00 pm as our crew are busy working between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, we also ask due to insurance purposes that the homeowner be present.


Is a permit required to build a fence?

In Houston as long as you’re outside the flood plains, your fence is not taller than 8 foot or is not a masonry or concrete fence you do not need a permit. If a permit is required, we are happy to help you in obtaining the proper paperwork.

Question about our Christmas Light Installation in Houston & Katy


Do you install my lights and remove them for the same price?

The price we charge you includes everything from the materials that you own after the holidays to the installation and removal, the only thing it does not include is storage, but we do have a climate control space that lease for $75.00 a year if you want to keep your holiday décor with us.


 Do you have a minim for Christmas light installation?

Yes, we do, we have a $1000 minimum, our Christmas light installation company in Katy made this decision based upon the other light installers in our area, the length of time it was taking to complete each home, and the helpers we need to pull all this together.

Do you hang customers Christmas Lights?

Unfortunately, no we no longer offer this service due to the season being short, if you were a previous customer, we will continue to take care of you as we appreciate your loyalty and using our Christmas light installation services, but new customers must purchase lights from HCL.


Can you provide referrals?

Yes, we can provide you with several names and numbers to customers who have used us in the past or you may read our google reviews.

Do you create light shows?

Yes, we offer synchronized light as well as the new twinkly Pro which allows you to operate everything from an apple product and provides thousands of different floor combinations.

Do you have an electrician on staff? Yes, during the holiday months we have a master electrician that is available if we need help with our commercial Christmas light displays in Houston


Do you service just Houston?

 No, we work the same areas where we build fences so we cover Fort Bend, we install Christmas lights in Katy, we install Christmas lights in Sugar Land, we install Christmas lights in Spring, we install Christmas lights in Richmond.